Frequently Asked Questions: Your guide to learning about Boob Tape

Please keep in mind this product has serious hold! It is important to watch the videos on our website to learn how to apply and remove the product safely. Boob Tape products are not intended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or individuals who have sensitive or thin skin. Do not wear product for more than 8 hours. Do not expose product to prolonged sun exposure or heat while in use. This can cause skin irritation. Do not sunbathe in product. Do not wear product two days in a row. Remove product and see your doctor immediately if you experience itching, swelling, rash or discomfort.

Does Boob Tape work on big boobs?

Yes - Boob Tape was originally designed as solution for big boobs, but can be used and is effective on boobs of ALL SIZES.  Please see sizing chart to find your correct size.


How many times can I wear each bra?

Each bra is for one-time use only. Once it has stuck to the skin (or any other surface), it will not re-stick again.


What adhesive strength is best for me?  

Sensitive - Our lightest adhesive made for sensitive skin. Recommended for perky and light breasts or those with very dry skin. 

Strong - Our standard strong and comfortable adhesive made for most women. Recommended for bell shape, round, and heavy breasts. 

Extreme - Our strongest and stickiest adhesive with some serious hold.  Extra strength for women with oily skin and extremely heavy breasts. We suggest purchasing the Strong Adhesive first if you’ve never used Boob Tape before.


I have a bit of adhesive left on my boobs from the tape. What is the best way to get it off?

Any type of oil (olive, coconut, etc) should remove any residual adhesive. Just saturate a cotton pad in oil and the area of residual adhesive - it should come right off!


I am in between sizes cup sizes. What Boob Tape size should I order?

When in doubt, always go up! You can easily trim the tape if there is too much.


I put the tape on and it is a little wrinkly. What do I do?

Don’t worry! Wrinkles are ok and normal. You will not be able to see small wrinkles under clothes.


Can I use Boob Tape with a bathing suit?

Absolutely - this is actually one of my most common uses of Boob Tape! But we strongly recommend you DO NOT SUNBATHE in the tape. Excessive sun exposure and heat can make the adhesive too hot, which can hurt (or burn) your skin.


Can I use Boob Tape if I have breast implants?

Absolutely! But please do not put Boob Tape over scars that are less than 6 months old.


My boobs are very saggy and have no volume. Will Boob Tape work on me?

There are some extreme cases where Boob Tape may not be able to achieve the desired effect. Our rule of thumb is if you can lift your breast with one hand to get the look (lift) you want, then Boob tape should work for you. If when you lift your breast with one hand and cannot get the shape and look you want -  Boob Tape may not work for you.


I put Boob Tape on and it gave me a great lift but I want a bigger lift. How do I achieve this?

If you want an extra lift, we advise using two layers of Boob Tape. Put the first layer on as you normally would. Then add a second layer using our Straight Tape product to get that desired extra lift.


I have a big event coming up and I want to use Boob Tape for my outfit. Any advice?

Yes - do a dry run! Try Boob Tape on with your outfit prior to the event to make sure you have the right style of Boob Tape that can achieve the lift you are wanting.



We ship packages Monday-Friday.  Expedited and international orders placed before 11 AM PST will go out the same day.  Any orders placed after this time will go out the following business day.  Order placed on Saturday or Sunday will go out on Monday or the following business day of Monday happens to be a holiday.  Please not that we do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or national holidays. 

Estimated shipping days are based on our shipping partners. Higher shipping volume times of year (e.g October - December) might cause expanded shipping days. Weather related delays could also cause delays. Boob Tape is not responsible for these delays.

Below is a list on national holidays we do not ship on.


January 1 New Year’s Day, January 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday, February 17
Washington’s Birthday, May 25 Memorial Day, July 4 Independence Day, September 7 Labor Day, October 12 Columbus Day, November 11 Veterans Day, November 26 Thanksgiving Day, December 25 Christmas Day


Shipping: When will my order arrive?

We offer free shipping (5-10 Business Days) to all US States. This option does not include tracking.

Expedited shipping (3 Business Days) and overnight shipping is also available. Expedited orders and overnight orders placed before 11AM PST will be shipped same business day, orders placed after 11AM PST will be shipped the following business day. This option does include tracking.

Shipping: International

We offer 3 international shipping options:

We guarantee shipping option 2 & 3.  If your shipment is lost we will gladly replace it for free.

Please note that we are not responsible for any taxes or duties applied by international countries.  The buyer is responsible for paying these.  We are also not responsible for any delays in shipping caused by customs or package inspections by international countries.

What is your exchange and return policy?

We want you to love Boob Tape as much as we do. Please email with your initial order number, a quick description about your return / exchange inquiry and someone from our Team will get back to you. Customer Support hours are from Monday - Friday  9AM - 4PM PST. 

Return Policy:

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Boob Tape purchase, you can return BT and get a full refund up to 21 days from your shipped order date. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

Exchange Policy:

Didn’t buy the right size? We’ve been there. You can exchange Boob Tape for a different size in the same style within 21 days from the date your order was shipped. Ground shipping will be free for all US orders. For countries outside the US, you’ll just pay for shipping.