Boob Tape Sizing. Finding the Right Style and Size For You

Finding the Right Style and Size For You

Boob Tape comes in three different styles, Classic Cut, Shorty Cut and Straight Tape. Each style has special features depending on what you are looking for. Below is a break-down of how the styles compare to each other so you can find the best style for you!

Picking the Right Size

Sizing Chart

  • Find your bra size in the blue columns to find your Boob Tape size.  Can't find your size?  Don't worry!  Straight Tape works for all shapes and sizes!

Straight Tape can fit any breast size. This is because you cut the tape yourself, allowing you to customize the fit and lift for your breasts. The bigger the breast, the more tape you will use. The smaller the breast, the less tape you will use.

Picking the Right Style

Classic Cut

Good for:

  • Size – A - E cup size
  • Clothing Style – Higher necklines, halter-tops, backless clothing

The best for:

  • Large, heavy breasts needing extra support and lift
  • Women who want more coverage


Shorty Cut

Good for:

  • Size – A - E cup size
  • Clothing Style – lower necklines and bathing suits

The best for:

  • Women with implants
  • Voluminous or perky breasts
  • Small or lightweight breasts


Straight Tape

Good for:

  • Size – Any breast size
  • Clothing Style – Any clothing type

The best for:

  • Customizing your own style of lift
  • Small style of clothing
  • Saggy, low volume breasts (“mom boobs”)
  • Adding on top of Boob Tape to give extra lift