The Story of Boob Tape

 My name is Sasha and I used to have the best boobs ever. That is… until I had kids. My once perfect perky boobs no longer had the volume and bounce they once had. And to make things even worse – I had to wear a bra 24/7! Not to mention that backless dresses, low cut tops, and tiny straps were no longer an option for me. This was literally my worst nightmare becoming my reality.

Frustrated and desperate to find a solution, I asked my fellow moms how they had confronted this predicament. The only answers they had seemed to have were – “I only wear clothes that allow me to wear a bra” or “I got a breast lift and/or implants.” In complete shock and awe, I told myself that there must be another way! I wasn’t willing to give up my fashion sense or go under the knife. Thus began my hunt to find a product that could give my boobs the lift they needed so that I could comfortably and confidently wear the clothes I wanted to.

I spent the next 3 years searching the internet high and low and trying EVERY SINGLE product out there. My pursuit was unsuccessful. Nothing worked – NOT ONE SINGLE PRODUCT. I found myself at a crossroads – I either had to invent a product myself or succumb to a boring and limited wardrobe. As I wasn’t willing to commit to an eternity of mom clothes, I chose the former.

I became the scientist and the guinea pig. I tested tons of materials and adhesives looking for the right one. I even my burned my boobs a couple of times – literal blood, sweat and tears! But I knew the pain was worth it. I had the potential to invent a product that would have a huge impact on the lives of women across the world! And in the end, I did.

Sitting in my basement and 7 months pregnant with my second child, I welcomed the birth of my third child – BOOB TAPE! I had created a one-time use bra that provided the lift and support I had longed for. Not to mention it was comfortable, waterproof, sweatproof, hypoallergenic, felt weightless and was easy to remove!

One of the best parts of creating Boob Tape is knowing the important role this product will play in many important moments in the lives of women – weddings, birthdays, girls’ night-out, date nights, and vacations! I am truly honored and vow to keep improving our product – never sacrificing quality, reliability or customer service. To all women who have trusted in my products, THANK YOU. Without your trust, love and support, this company would not exist. 


Sasha O.

CMO (Chief Mom Officer) to Ronan & Sloane

CEO & Founder of Boob Tape